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New Zealand bakery busted for serving up stink amounts of meat in their ham sandwiches

There's taking the piss, then this.
3 July 2019 11:35AM

Another day, another New Zealand food chain going viral for all the wrong reasons.

On Monday, it was Hamilton McDonald's for blasting f-bombs at a drive-thru customer. Yesterday, it was the "rudest cafe in NZ" Spingfield Cafe & Store for getting into an argument with customers.

And today - a bakery has made international headlines after a woman uploaded a photo of her $5 ham sandwich, which instead of being stuffed with ham (a reasonable expectation), only two tiny little strips of meat were lined along the visible edges.

Honestly - have a look.

We know that food companies often pull sneakies to make their products look better than they actually are (like when has a burger ever look like they do in the ad?), but this is absolutely taking the piss.

Where is this bakery, you ask?

This post was initially uploaded to the Papakura & Takanini Grapevine Facebook group, saying it was from Papakura Bakehouse. While that's not concrete proof and it may have just been reposted, many of the comments from locals seem to back up the claim - which is good enough for us.

UPDATE - Newshub have reported that Papakura Bakery have denied that this sandwich is from their store.