New Zealanders are the best in the world at sleeping - Study

Best in the world baby - it's just what we do.
23 July 2019 4:05PM

Things Kiwis are the best in the world at - rugby, netball, cricket (IT WAS A DRAW) and now we can add sleeping to the list, too.

Sleep Cycle, an app that tracks the sleeping habits of its users, has released data showing how much sleep countries are getting.

According to the data, New Zealanders are quite well rested, clocking up more than 7.5 hours of sleep a night on average - more than any other nation.

81 percent of Kiwis also achieve consistently high-quality slumbers, putting New Zealand at number one on the leaderboard in terms of global sleep quality. Australia is close behind on 80 percent, and Finland is third on 79 percent.

Those in Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia got the least sleep per night, all getting less than 6 and a half hours of shut eye. Rough.

Guatemalans were recorded as the earliest risers, although Egyptians may need to stop hitting the snooze button with the world's longest lie-ins.

South Africa is the best place to get to bed at a respectable hour - but is also responsible for almost half an hour of snoring per night.

I think it's time for a nap now.