Tenant kicked out of flat after leaving weed in plain sight during open home

Tenant kicked out of flat after leaving weed in plain sight during open home

Surprise, surprise, they found more in the garage...
25 August 2022 2:05PM

One punnisher from Palmy has been kicked out of his flat after forgetting to hide all his cannibis plants before an open home.

Anthony Murrell had been renting the flat for some time before owner Ravindra Pal Singh decided to sell the house. During a recent Tenancy Tribunal hearing, the agent selling the house stated that Murrell left several marijuana plants on a table out in the open.

Unsurprisingly, two potential buyers took notice and made comments about the plants.

"Murrell must have come into the house at some stage during the open home because by the time the house was locked up, they were gone," the agent said.

The agent said she also earlier found a marijuana plant growing in a bucket in the laundry cupboard. She took a photo of the plant and submitted it to the tribunal as evidence.

The owner stated that he initially had suspicions when he noticed a power cord running from the house into the garage, which the tenant had claimed was used during a house party.

Singh saw the cord again, still connected, and subesquently found cannabis plants growing inside a cupboard in the garage with a full home hydroponics set up with lights and heating.

Singh then found a further 15 plants growing in the garden, causing him to warn Murrell and threaten to take him to Tenancy Tribunal and police.

Murrell then offered to move out by the 25th of June on the basis that he was not taken to tribunal, but it sounds like the arrangement fell through.