University now offers PhD scholarship to study heavy metal

University now offers PhD scholarship to study heavy metal

The school of rock is now real!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

The School of Rock is now the real deal!

Good news metal heads! If you want to spend your days studying the majesty of heavy metal, the perfect job has just opened up for you.

The University of Newcastle in Australia has announced a PhD scholarship to one student to study "Heavy Metal Geographies" which will research "the social geography of heavy metal culture. The scholarship is said to be worth $27,596AUD ($29,042NZ).

The course description reads: “While unique scenes have evolved across the globe, the bulk of Heavy Metal’s bands have originated within countries in the northern latitudes.

“Australia is uniquely positioned within this global evolution, owing to its historical connection to the United Kingdom and shared cultural affinities with its colonial originator. While remote from the geographical heart of Heavy Metal culture, Australia has developed its own unique and passionate approach, producing a number of high profile bands.”

Talking about the new PhD to Kerrang, Simon Springer, the university’s Director of Human Geography said: “As a life-long metal fan who has only recently started to do some work in the area of metal studies, I figured this would be a good conduit to further my research agenda in this area."

“I also think the opportunities for funding in this particular area are few and far between, so I thought why not put a call out for applications and see if anyone is interested in studying the geography of heavy metal?”

The scholarship is open to domestic and international studens, so get your applications in fast and forward your education with metal.