WATCH: Old battler on mobility scooter leads police on low-speed chase in Timaru

Only in New Zealand
22 August 2019 11:11AM

Only in New Zealand

One old battler from Timaru has lead police on one of the most bizarre low-speed chases you'll ever see.

The bloke on a mobility scooter was filmed around 5pm yesterday weaving in and out of traffic while a police tried to follow with flashing lights. See the video for yourself below.

"What is the old man up to?" the lady filming says, laughing as he makes his way up the footpath and weaves between cars on the road.

The video ends with the chasing police forcing the scooter driver down a driveway. A police officer can be seen leaving his car to continue the pursuit on foot.

It's not yet known why the old battler was wanted by police.