Drunk guy caught trying to bang a traffic cone at train station
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Drunk guy caught trying to bang a traffic cone at train station

Just another Saturday night for this guy.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Most of us have done something stupid with a traffic cone in our time, but usually it just involves stealing one or putting one on top of a tree when walking home drunk. 

38-year-old Trevor Smith took the ol' drunken traffic cone obsession to a new level though, being found with his pants pulled down trying to have sex with a cone on the floor of Wigan Northern Western train station in the UK. 

Smith was seen with the cone in his lap by two members of staff, who then called the police. When the officers arrived, he had changed position and was now on top of the cone with his pants still down. 

Old mate pleaded guilty at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates' Court to outraging public decency during the drunken incident at a previous hearing.

During the court case, the story was pieced together. At 9.30pm a Virgin Rail worker asked a colleague to join him in the lift up to one of the station platforms. As they were going up, they saw Smith sitting on the floor with the cone through the lift window.

"I believe he was trying to have sex with the cone. I was in complete shock. I have not seen anything like that in all my time working on the railways," said one of the witnesses.

"He was in a location where anyone, including children, could have walked in and seen him and should be ashamed of himself."

The other witness said Smith was "clearly" under the influence of drugs and didn't appear to be aware of what he was doing. 

When Smith realised police had arrived, he pulled up his pants. When the police approached him they saw remenants of white powder around his face. A small snaplock bag of what appeared to be drugs was also found on the lift floor, and Smith was arrested on suspicion of a drug offence as result. No further action was taken though, and he was released, allowed to return the following day for a voluntary interview.

During the interview, he told police he had spent the previous day leading up to the indecent incident drinking heavily while watching the football. Friends had then thought he was getting 'down' so they gave him some white powder, which he believed to be cocaine, to perk him up.

He told the officers he had gone to catch the train home and entered the lift thinking it was a locked room and that was all he could remember. 

Smith had two previous convinctions for public sex acts, so this wasn't a once off. In 2012 a woman caught him performing a sex act naked and 'on all fours' on the roof of a kitchen. Then in 2015 he was found performing an indecent act while covered in a blanket inside a car. A three-year community order was imposed by Liverpool Crown Court, which Smith then breached. The order was revoked and he was handed a three month prison sentence.

In the most recent traffic cone case, magistrates decided that, in light of Smith's previous offending, its powers were not sufficient to sentence him and his case was sent to Crown Court. He was remanded on unconditional bail and will be sentenced at Bolton Crown Court on 24th October.