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'*UCK ME!' Pak'nSave billboard in Palmy goes viral thanks to one pole

"They know what they're doing."
15 October 2019 8:26AM

A Pak'nSave billboard in Palmerston North has gone viral thanks to a single ill-positioned pole.

The rugby-themed billboard has the words "Ruck Me! That's low prices". But in a photo of the advertisement shared on Reddit, part of the billboard is obscured by a pole making the "R" look like an "F".

"Love that pole placement! Keeping it classy in Palmy...", wrote the Reddit user who posted the photo.

"They know what they're doing," wrote one person on the thread.

"Love NZ," chimed in another.

Some, however, were a little more sceptical, writing, "is this real?" 

"I live in Plamy, but I haven't gone out to the square in about two weeks."

Others, curiosity piqued, were intent on seeing it with their own eyes.

"Haha, I'll have to skate past and have a look on my way home from work this afternoon."

The sign didn't interest everyone though, with one person making it clear they had more important things to look at than unfortunately angled signs.

"I'm pretty tired. How about we just watch some TV and go to sleep?"