WATCH: Chick on electric scooter hit by car straight after interview about scooter safety

Oh the irony...
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Oh the irony...

A chick on an electric scooter was the victim of one of the most ironic crashes you'll ever see.

A video on reddit shows the unnamed lady being interviewed about electric scooter regulations. Straight after she had an unfortunate run in with a car at a pedestrian crossing. To be fair, it seems the incident wasn't her fault as the car seems to fail to stop. Check out the full clip above.

During the video, the interviewer asks the unnamed lady: "What are the rules?"

"You can't go anywhere unless it's a cycle path or ACIRE (zones of restricted vehicle access in this city)," she said. "It's still not mandatory to wear a helmet ... and you can't wear headphones with music ... and I think at night you can go anywhere." 

She aced the questions with the interviewer telling her "perfect "you pass!!! Thank you!"

Before she responds with a long "byeee" and sets off across the road and is collected by a car.

Comments on reddit seem to suggest she was not seriosly injured.