Huntly has officially been crowned NZ's shittest town
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Huntly has officially been crowned NZ's shittest town

Can confirm, isn't great.

Residents of Gore, Fielding, Harewa and other small NZ towns - you can rest easy for one more year - Huntly has officially been crowned New Zealand's newest shit town.

The honours were awarded last night on The Project, with public votes conducted through the Shit Towns of New Zealand Facebook page (not to be confused with Producer Jeremy's very similar but quite different "Poo Towns of NZ").

The two finalists were Porirua and Huntly. No offense to either town but there should have been two winners (actually, offense should be taken).

Some locals disagreed with the title, and one said: "I find that quite degrading actually, because I could tell you some real good positive things about Huntly." Like the KFC there.

Another called it "an ugly little town" at the moment, but underneath "it's beautiful and just needs a clean".

One resident called the Harry Potter shrine one of the best points of the town. I think that sums it all up really, don't you?