Slipknot’s ‘Tortilla Man’ cut his face on his drums while performing on stage

What a loose canon!
25 August 2022 2:05PM

This is one crazy guy.

‘Tortilla Man’ is Slipknot’s newest member of the band. His real identity is a mystery, although fans have done some research and believe he is Michael Pfaff, a member of Dirty Little Rabbits, an American alternative rock band.

Lead singer Corey Taylor had a chat with Rock Antennae, and confirmed the fact that Tortilla Man is a bit of a loose unit. He said:

He wasn’t lying. 

Tortilla Man “smashed his head into the drums” and cut his face while performing onstage, giving him a large scar in the middle of his forehead.

Taylor added:

But it sounds like Tortilla Man’s crazy energy is good for the band. Taylor later said in the interview that his “energy is dope” and that “he’s so into it it reminds me to be into it”. 

Sounds like he’s fitting right in.