YouTuber pranks notorious far-right personality Katie Hopkins into accepting fake 'C*NT' award
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YouTuber pranks notorious far-right personality Katie Hopkins into accepting fake 'C*NT' award

She flew 26,000 kms for a fake award, spelling out c*nt.

YouTuber Josh Pieters just pulled off one of the best pranks we've ever seen. 

As reported by Monika Barton of Newshub:

The notorious far-right columnist was overjoyed to receive the Campaign to Unite the Nation Trophy, an entirely made-up honour which happens to spell out the word "c***".

The stunt was the brainchild of Josh Pieters, a known social media prankster with 1.2 million subscribers. 

Having fallen hook, line and sinker for an email sent to her by the fake company the Cape Town Collective for the Freedom of Speech, Hopkins flew nearly 26,000kms to attend the pretend ceremony. 

There, Pieters had hired a conference room at the Four Seasons hotel, organised a gourmet dinner, and arranged a group of actors to fill out the room. 

Hopkins can be seen applauding and nodding as Pieters addresses the room, blissfully unaware that his championing of "free speech" is actually making fun of her. 

"Without being able to say what we think, without being able to mock people, without being able to attack people, we are not free," Pieters says. 

When Hopkins finally went up to accept her award, the screen behind her changed to show the name of the Campaign to Unite The Nation trophy, essentially spelling out the C-word. 

In her acceptance speech, Hopkins made several of the racist and offensive comments she's become infamous for, including calling Muslim people "retards" who "rape their own mothers". 

"If you call 'Mohammed' in a school playground in the UK, 2000 f**king kids come running and you don't want any of them," she said. 

Hopkins also said people with epilepsy are "all weirdos, up there with the Asians", and called 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg an "autistic f**king wench". 

The mother of three said the event was "the most fun she'd had in a very long time", and that she wasn't used to receiving awards. 

The evening concluded with a series of drinking games, in which Hopkins can be seen drinking alcohol from her trophy. 

How bloody good.