WATCH: Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready’s “Bathroom Sessions”

Just Mike McCready jammin in a bathroom.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

About a week ago, Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready started ‘Bathroom Sessions’, where he films himself playing music in his, well, bathroom, cause that’s where he does his “best work”.

McCready started the first session off by chatting about what he’s been reading and watching while in self-isolation, and then starts jamming on his guitar. The acoustics in the bathroom actually sound pretty epic, with a lot of people commenting on how calm the music made them feel.

This morning another Bathroom Session appeared on Pearl Jam’s Facebook page, where he talks about a couple artists he’s been listening to. It’s almost like you’re just sitting having a chat with him. He goes on to play another instrumental, calling it a song for healing.

It’s pretty cool to see all of these artists doing stripped back performances while we're all stuck at home doing nothing with our lives.