Hamilton lad busted driving with 5kgs of weed in his car

He obviously forgot that weed unfortunately isn't an essential service..
25 August 2022 2:05PM

This Hamilton lad has forgotten that weed unfortunately isn't an essential service..

The 33 year old has been caught with 5kgs of weed, and will appear in court on drug-related charges. Vita Molyneux from Newshub reports:

On Thursday evening police thought they were pulling a man over for a routine traffic stop on the outskirts of Cambridge.

When officers were speaking with the driver they noticed the unmistakable and overwhelming smell of cannabis drifting from the car.

After a quick search police found 111 bagged ounces of weed and four pounds of cannabis heads - a total weight of 5kg.


Also since you're here, here's a vid from last year, when Bryce went to San Fran and copped shit from Mulls and Rog for smoking the devil's lettuce while over there: