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Strip Club in Oregon creates drive-thru experience during COVID-19 lockdown

"People are super stoked."
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Apparently drive-thru's are no longer just for fast food in America. 

The Lucky Devil Lounge strip club in Oregon was forced to change its business model when the coronavirus pandemic hit, as normal strip clubs were no longer safe to be open. 

Speaking to Fox News, the owner of the club Shon Boulden said he had been approached by a local event company who were also out of work. They proposed turning the strip club's parking lot into a new experience, and after a week of thinking about it, Boulden agreed. 

The car park was transformed into a drive-thru-like experience, with tents, stages, music equipment and barricades. The dancers maintain social distance to those in the cars, and wear gloves and masks. 

A friend of Boulden was one of the first to try it out, and he said it was "awesome."

As the cars pull up, the dancers perform for the length of the song and then bring the customer's food to their car - they even chuck in a free roll of toilet paper. 

Boulden said that "people are super stoked", and "they’re happy to see other human beings and to get the strip club experience."

In America this all is classed as essential work. How good.