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Wellington lad turns himself into a 'cam girl' after losing work due to COVID-19

That's one way to make money in self-iso...

It's a pretty shitty time for a lot of lines of work at the moment. 

Tim Hamilton from Welly is a VFX artist and travel vlogger and has lost all his film work in the space of a week. So, he's made lemons out of lemonade by using his VFX skills to turn himself into a cam girl... ya know, as you do. 

Tim ended up creating his cam girl persona in two days, as part of a competition called 'The Hnry Awards' where he's in the running to win a bit of money to help him stay afloat. We gotta give the guy credit for creativity, and he has actually made some money out of it. 

The video above shows you his whole creative process and the outcome.

Gotta respect the grind 😂