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Three kids hospitalised after letting a black widow bite them to become Spider-Men

Instead of developing powers, they developed symptoms.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

Three kids were rushed to hospital after letting a black widow spider bite them, in hopes it'd turn them into 'Spider-Men'. 

The three young brothers are aged eight, ten and twelve, and live in Potosi, Bolivia. While on their family farm, the boys found a black widow spider and believed it would give them the same spider-like powers that Peter Parker developed in Spider Man.

While the boy's mum wasn't around, they provoked the spider with a stick until it bit them. Baring in mind - black widow spiders are extremely venomous, with venom 15 times stronger than a rattlesnakes. 

While most people can be bitten by a black widow without suffering any serious damage, the spider's venom can be fatal to children.

Much to the kids suprise, they didn't become Spider-Men, but instead started developing symptoms from the bite. These symtpoms can include increased heart-rate, abdominal cramps and muscle pain.

When their mum found them in tears and in pain, she rushed them to the doctor, and later the hospital. After five days of sweating, muscle pains, a fever and generalised trembling, the boys recovered and headed back home. 

We're glad the kids are okay, but they found out the hard way that superhero movies are in fact, fiction.