Funny Shit

Bloke interrupts Aussie PM Scott Morrison's press conference to tell him to get off his newly reseeded lawn

Vintage 'Straya.
4 June 2020 3:15PM

There's nothing worse than when some idiot steps and walks all over your lawn - especially when you've just reseeded the bloody thing.

So when you see someone stomping and ruining all your hard work, you gotta let them know about it - even if they are the Prime Minister of your country.

PM Scott Morrison held a press conference in the suburbs - you know, for that relatability - but he and his team set up camp in the wrong spot. 

Scotty and co. were interrupted during their press conference by the homeowner, who told everyone to get off his newly reseeded lawn.

Scotty and co. then moved forward and got off the lawn, and he threw in a thumbs up for good measure.

How good.