MP Judith Collins fails to mute her mic and drops a "for f**ks sake" during Zoom committee meeting
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MP Judith Collins fails to mute her mic and drops a "for f**ks sake" during Zoom committee meeting

The most relatable she's probably ever been.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

After a couple months in lockdown, and being forced to use apps like Zoom daily to communicate to your workmates, we know that it is far too easy to stuff something up and be caught in an embarrassing situation.

Like thinking your video feed is off, but everyone can see you have no pants on. Or you think you muted, but everyone can hear you take a slash.

Well, good news. Not even the potential leaders of our country are safe from Zoom failures. And Senior National MP Judith Collins found that out today, after she dropped two poorly-timed comments without muting her microphone.

From our mates at Newshub:

Senior National MP Judith Collins appears to have been captured in an unmuted Zoom committee uttering "for f**k's sake" after Labour MP Kiri Allan congratulated police over ending Armed Response Teams. 

Collins had earlier been asked to mute herself by committee chair Labour MP Deborah Russell - but could be heard making remarks under her breath. 

The Zoom flicked to Collins - whose video was turned off - saying, "Oh, come on", after Allan acknowledged police for ending the armed police trial. 

As Allan told police, "I think that we're all very proud of the remarks that you made yesterday..." a whispered "f**k's sake" came across the audio. 

Kiri Allan congratulates police on ending Armed Response Teams. Photo credit: Zoom

When contacted by Newshub, Collins said, "I tipped some tea on myself", and then said, "I don't think I swore," before repeating, "I don't think I said it. Anyway, I was tipping tea on myself". 

Despite the blunder, Collins still hadn't muted herself 15 minutes later - the Zoom call flicking to her background and picking up muffled movements and comments as Labour MP Greg O'Connor questioned police.

The Zoom call flicking to Judith Collins saying, "Oh, come on."

In April, Health and Social Services Secretary Vaughan Gething of Wales forgot to unmute and was captured swearing about a colleague during a similar virtual meeting.