Kiwis hiliariously respond to overseas criticism of lockdown with #NZHellHole posts
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Funny Shit

Kiwis hiliariously respond to overseas criticism of lockdown with #NZHellHole posts


New Zealanders have hit back at Americans having a go at us over our lockdown living conditions in the most Kiwi way imaginable.

Last week, US President Donald Trump took three swings at New Zealand's COVID-19 response this week, prompting some of his supporters to believe this country is a "hellhole".

One Twitter user highlighted new lockdown restrictions and called New Zealand "a hellhole".

"You can't leave. And you can't easily have people in. And you're back in lockdown in major parts of the country. And the quarantine camps are public knowledge. Your country is a hellhole."

It didn't take long for Kiwis to respond in a tongue-in-cheek manner and speak out against the conditions they're facing under #NZHellHole on Twitter.

Social media expert Jessica Moloney says the posts are "the definition of a humble brag".

"We're coming into summer, you can see those beautiful beaches, the beautiful scenery, our amazing native birds. Lots of people are talking about this."

Another Kiwi showed off their "hellhole" by sharing a scenic picture of New Zealand, saying: "What to do when you're stuck in #NZhellhole. Guess I'll have to force the family to check out the '8th wonder of the world'."

And, of course, Kiwis were quick to highlight the punishment for breaking lockdown restrictions and pointed to the bronze statue of a naked man - called Solace in the Wind - on Wellington's waterfront to show the consequences.

"This man tried to swim to freedom from our island gulag. The authorities caught him and plunged him alive in molten bronze. His body is displayed as a warning to others," one tweeted.