The inspiration behind Green Day's 'When September Ends' is sadder than we thought

25 August 2022 2:05PM

It's September, meaning the classic 'When September Ends' memes have been doing their annual internet circulation.

However, this year lots of Green Day fans have reminded people that the meaning behind the popular song is really quite sad.

Last year, frontman Billy Joe Armstrong appeared on The Howard Stern Show, where he revealed that the inspiration for the song is really personal to him.

The track comes from a phrase Armstrong said to his mum as a 10-year-old-kid when he learnt his dad had passed away from esophageal cancer.

"I think it's something that just stayed with me; the month of September being that anniversary that always is just, I don't know, kind of a bummer," he said.

"But it's weird. When things happen like that when you're that young, it's almost like life starts at year zero, or something like that."

Armstrong also revealed it was tough for him to write, but the song "felt like a breakthrough and a way to honor him", Loudwire reports.