This bloke hired an escort and she turned out to be his best mate's mum
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Funny Shit

This bloke hired an escort and she turned out to be his best mate's mum

And he still hasn't told his mate.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

A bloke named James got a lot more than he bargained for when he hired an escort recently.

As reported by Mirror UK, James has been in the army for six years and has found it difficult to hold down a relationship. Since he's away for long periods of time, he's also missed the physical intimacy with a partner. 

But James says he "makes the best of every unique situation", and began hiring escorts to keep him busy.

Recently he went on the escort website, and came across a woman that he was interested in.

"I was buzzing. I have always had a thing for the MILF look so I decided to go for a woman who had a sexy head-mistress vibe. She didn’t show her face in her photos but her body, and what she said she’d do on her profile was enough to grab my attention."

When the woman showed up, James couldn't believe who he was looking at - his best mates' mum.

James had no idea how to go about the awkward situation, but his friend's mum "proceeded with the appointment like [they] didn't even know eachother."

"I was obviously attracted to her. It was a weird turn of events but it actually added to the excitement - you want what you can't have and I knew I shouldn't carry on.

"There wasn't exactly much talking going on, we got right to it! No messing about."

And his mate still has no idea.