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This bloke pulled a 17ft long 'alien' tapeworm out his bum

25 August 2022 2:05PM

You probably wanna skip this article if you're eating your lunch.

A man from Thailand was shocked after pulling out a 15ft tapeworm from his bum after suffering severe stomach pains.

On Monday, 34 year-old Duangchan Dachyodde went to the toilet when his stomach cramps were becoming unbearable. He started to become worried when he felt something moving against his skin.

The man looked between his legs to find a long, yellow worm hanging into the toilet bowl underneath him. Shocked with the discovery, he shot up, with the worm literally hanging behind him.

Eventually, the bloke pulled the worm out, revealing its 17-feet length. He described it as an 'alien.'

The doctors identified the parasite as a beef tapeworm, and it grew inside the bloke's body as a result of eating raw meat.

"My stomach has felt better since the big one came out. But I still feel a bit sick knowing that there are more worms inside me. The doctors said it would be a few days before I start feeling better," said Duangchan.