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Silly old boomer rams and sinks his own boat in wild boat-rage incident in Tairua

You can't beat a good day on the water.
29 January 2021 7:07AM

You can't beat a good day on the water. 

Except maybe for this old geezer.

Footage has emerged online of an altercation between a man in an inflatable dinghy and a woman in a larger boat, with children on board.

The vid shows the two yelling and swearing at each other - with the man claiming that they caused damage to his dingy by exceeding the speed limit - and ends with ol' mate ramming his boat into the side of the lady's boat.

Problem for him though - he ended up causing more damage to his own raft and ended up sinking the damn thing.

And if you look in the background, you can see a bloke nick his jerry can too.

You actually can't make this stuff up.

Anyway, Maritime NZ have said the harbourmaster is investigating the video, but the damage has literally been done - with the clip being shared all across Facebook, Insta and Tik Tok.