Local Christchurch legend offers to take people out fishing to get through tough times

What a bloody awesome bloke.
2 March 2021 12:45PM

Jamie Crafts Roelink, you are a great human.

We caught One News last night (ok, someone tagged us in their Facebook post) and in their Good Sorts segment, they featured a Christchurch bloke - Jamie - and how he has set up a Facebook group "Fishing Buddies" offering strangers to go fishing with him if they are stressed out, struggling, or just need a friendly face to talk and listen to.

What a bloody good man.

His Facebook group has grown to over 4000 members, and people from all over the country drive to fish with him - from first timers to young families.

He wrote in the group:

Hi all, fishing has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life and helps to keep the stress levels down. If your interested in coming some time then just send me a message. I have 3-4 seats available and I have rods etc. I can teach you how to fish. You may not catch anything but I can teach you. Just throwing it out there if there is anyone needing an ear to listen and give advice or if you just want to get away from your busy life. I know it's hard to make friends these days so feel free to send me a message. Fishing is one addiction that you won't regret. Any age so long is if your a kid you have a parent come as well. Teens are ok so long as you have permission. I'm basically just trying to help people out who may need a break. Thanks everyone have a good day. This is open to guys or girls.

What a great bloke. Good on ya Jamie, it's people like you that are making positive changes to our communities and helping others get through the tough times.

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