Aussie bloke arrested for playing guitar in his undies in his driveway

Aussie bloke arrested for playing guitar in his undies in his driveway

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25 August 2022 2:05PM


Have the Australian Police not heard of the phrase, let there be rock?

An Aussie guitarist by the name of Savos Caruso aka Subblet Hammer, was arrested by South Australia Police over a noise complaint.

Caruso was playing guitar in his driveway, in nothing but a pair of budgie smugglers - something the cops obviously didn't appreciate.

The video shows the police arrive and unplug his amp before arresting him. The SAP had apparently issued an environmental protection order the day before his arrest, which asked he not play guitar for three days.

Arresting a bloke for playing guitar, on his property? Seems a bit over the top to us.

Caruso was held for three days, which has led to petition being created on seeking justice, stating that it was unlawful and unneccessary physical force" was applied.

The petition reads:

They treated him like a dangerous criminal. All this for a non-indictable offense; a mere noise complaint. The police have no grounds on which to enforce this order therefore had no authority to come onto the man’s property while playing his music and disconnect the power followed by the shocking, physical bombardment they call an arrest, of the innocent musician practicing his art.

But there's a good ending to this story - the Magistrate has dismissed the case, claiming Caruso didn't commit a crime and the arrest was unlawful.

So rock on, brother.