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Man hospitalised after inserting eel into anus in attempt to 'relieve constipation'

25 August 2022 2:05PM

If you're eating lunch, maybe don't read this article right now.

Last month, a man nearly died after inserting an eel up his arse in an attempt to 'relieve constipation.'

There's an old folk remedy that claims an eel will help with bowel movement, but shortly after inserting the eel, the man realised he royally f**ked up. 

The eel moved from the man's rectum, chewed through his colon, and made his way into the abdomen.

The unnamed man went straight to the hospital where surgeons removed the eel (which was still alive by the way).

The surgeons told the man he could've died from hemolysis, which happens when red blood cells are destroyed after bacteria from the large intestines reach the stomach.

Righto, that's enough internet for today.