Parents launch petition to fire Iron-Maiden-Loving School Principal for "satanic" photos
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Parents launch petition to fire Iron-Maiden-Loving School Principal for "satanic" photos

“As parents we are demanding her transfer to another school."
25 August 2022 2:05PM

These parents need to lighten up tbh.

The Principle of a High School in Canada has had a petition launched against her by some students' parents, after she posted photos paying homage to her favourite band, Iron Maiden.

The photos, which were allegedly posted to the school’s social media account, show Principal Sharon Burns throwing up a hand-horn in front of an Iron Maiden banner and license plate.

Another photo shows the Iron Maiden Mascot Eddie on the dashboard of her car, with a handwritten sign that reads “Eddie 666”.

The petition, which is titled, “Eden High School Principal, Sharon Burns, Needs To Be Transferred Immediately!” gained over 500 signatures, but it looks like it’s been dropped as of yesterday.

The petition description read:

“As concerned parents… we are deeply disturbed that the principal assigned to the school blatantly showed Satanic symbols and her allegiance to Satanic practices on her public social media platforms where all the students can see them under,”

“As parents we are demanding her transfer to another school. Please replace her with another principal who aligns with the values of the families at Eden and will not sabotage the teaching or upholding of those values and will not try to introduce impressionable students to Satanic practices or symbolism.”

This story started to make rounds over the weekend, causing the “concerned parents” to post an update insisting that they weren’t targeting Burns’ love of the band, but the “satanic” images in the photos. 

They wrote:

"Please Note: This petition is NOT about Sharon Burns’ love for Iron Maiden. At NO POINT has it ever been. This petition is about a principal of a school openly displaying her OWN handmade sign with the 666 clearly displayed on it which she knows full well what that SATANIC SYMBOL means to the vast majority of families in her school AND she put it on a PROFESSIONAL, public @edenprincipal account on social media, NOT A PRIVATE ONE, which she very easily could have done.

"If she had not posted a picture of her own handmade 666 sign, this petition WOULD NOT EXIST. Nobody cares what band she likes and this is not about her choice in what she listens to.

"That would be petty and nonsensical."

But the plot thickens.

A counter-petition named “We need Mrs. Burns.” was launched 5 days ago, and has already gained nearly 19,000 signatures at the time of writing this.

The petition description states:

"Recently, there has been a petition going around to "remove" the principal of eden high school. It is ridiculous that a couple of parents only judge her role as a principal only based on an instagram post. (About liking the band Iron Maiden. That's it.)

"Eden High School is a public school. Not a Christian school. If you somehow don't like the principal of your child, grandchild, relative etc.'s school, then send them to another one. The principal has made so many efforts to remind students that eden is a diverse place. She has even turned a whole room into a prayer room for students who are practicing religions other than christianity, like practicing Islam.

"She has made eden a safe space for so many people. She spreads nothing but love and kindness, and is probably one of the best and most enthusiastic principals the school has ever had. If you would like to bring some light to this whole petition, please consider signing!"

The top comment on the petition summed up our thoughts perfectly..

"This whole thing is hypocritical. Parents are trying to have the principle removed because she “isn’t supporting their beliefs” but have fabricated this whole thing because of a band she listens to? Screw off.

"If your kids can’t handle being exposed to iron maiden, they’re not gonna get anywhere in life."

Here’s that petition if you wanna sign it.