A guide to maximizing your days off in 2022

A guide to maximizing your days off in 2022

Work smarter, not harder.
25 August 2022 2:05PM

This article is intended for everyone who isn't Brad the Boss...

If you're wanting to get your leave in early for 2022, have a read below of the best dates to book for time off. A big thanks to Stuff for the inspiration.

1. Turn your Waitangi Day into four days off.

Waitangi Day falls on Sunday February 6th next year meaning its Monday-ised (hell yeah). If you take the Friday before it off, you'll score yourself two short weeks of work.

2. Be smart in between Easter and Anzac Day.

If you booked leave during the four days in between Easter Monday and ANZAC Day (April 19 - 22), you'd get a glorious 11 days off.

If you're in Southland, you wouldn't even need to worry about booking the 19th off too, how good.

3. Turn a 3 day weekend into a 4 day weekend in April.

The Queen's Birthday is Monday-ised next year, so if you take the Friday off (June 3), you've scored yourself 4 days off work. You little beauty.

4. Take a leaf out of Hawke's Bay's book.

Those living in Hawke's Bay get themselves a four-day weekend around Labour Day (October 21, 22, 23, and 24), with the Friday before it being their Anniversary Day.

If you don't live in Hawke's Bay, why not trade in the 3 day weekend to a 4 day weekend by booking off Friday 21st?

5. Look well ahead. Like, a whole year ahead.

Although we haven't even got to 2022 yet, it's never too early to start planning leave for the end of next year.

Christmas and New Year's Day are both on a Sunday next year, so they'll both be Tuesday-ised. That means by taking three days off between those long weekends, you could relax for 11 days straight.

Don't forget about Matariki either! This new public holiday will fall on Friday June 24th next year, so you could extend it by taking the Thursday before, or Monday after off.

Plus, the first two days of next year fall on a weekend, so they're Monday and Tuesday-ised. Could be a smart idea to ask for the 5th, 6th and 7th off and treat youself to a week off on the first week of the year. 

Work smarter, not harder.