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Bloke returns from military service to surprise parents, walks in on them having sex

Bet you he didn't see that coming.
26 August 2022 7:12PM

This bloke just returned home from the Military, but little did he know he was about to get the worst PTSD of his life...

20-year-old Joseph Pena had been in Germany for the last two years completing military service, before coming back to his parent's home in Colorado, USA.

He decided to surprise his parents with his return, and his sister was even filming what was meant to be a wholesome re-uniting. There was some uniting going on, but not the wholesome sort.

The video, which was first uploaded to reddit but then taken down, shows Pena barging into to his rents room without knocking, before saying "It's a robbery!"

Straight away he realises what's going on, turns the other way, and backs the f**k up outta there.

Pena's mum, Kaati recalls,

"We were surprised and beyond embarrassed.

"My husband and I were talking, which was our code word for sex when the kids were little, and we were in the moment when the door got kicked open.

"I screamed because I saw my son and of course realised he saw everything exposed," Mirror reports.

Pena was understandably mortified, and apparently avoided going round to his parents too much while he was on rest.