Johnny Knoxville broke his wrist, ribs and head during filming Jackass Forever

Johnny Knoxville broke his wrist, ribs and head during filming Jackass Forever

"Same old, same old."
26 August 2022 7:12PM

Johnny Knoxville broke his wrist, rib and head while filming 'Jackass Forever'.

The 50-year-old star - who once broke his penis while filming a motorcycle stunt in 2007 - has reflected on his injuries from the latest movie in the franchise, and he joked it was the "same old".

Appearing on 'Smallzy's Celebrity Small Talk', he said: "In the past, I've broken some things that I didn't know you could break.

"But the things that I've broke in this movie, I knew - the wrist, the rib, the head. I knew those were breakable - so same old, same old."

Co-star Steve-O - who is also back alongside the likes of Wee Man and Chris Pontius in the fifth installment in the stunt-filled film franchise - admitted age plays a factor in people's endurance in the movie.

He quipped: "I'm gonna level with you - we're much older now, so you can expect more broken bones and lots of concussions.

"Plus, you can expect to laugh so damn hard you might piss your pants!"

However, co-star Chris insisted he wasn't worried about the gang returning for their first daredevil project together since 2010's 'Jackass 3D'.

He explained: "You know what? I had no concerns, personally, about age - at all. I thought, if we're funny it doesn't really matter. if anything,it's funnier. If anything, the bar has been raised."

During the group interview, the cast were also asked about their most painful stunts, with Wee Man admitting it was the time he "spinal fractured [his] right femur".

Meanwhile, Knoxville simply said: "Pepper spray in my eyes."

He also recalled his favourite prank of all time, and he went for one fans will never be able to forget.

He laughed: "The toy car up the butt in 'Jackass' number one... The nurse's face was amazing!"

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