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20 F**king Whacks Karen goes on a f- and c-bomb tirade about Wellington Protesters

God bless you Karen, never change.
3 March 2022 3:18PM

Regardless of which side of the fence you're on about the Wellington Anti-Mandate Protest, we can all agree - this is pretty f**king funny.

20 F***ing Whacks Karen goes off on the Wellington Protesters
Never change, Karen.
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Things got ugly in Wellington yesterday, when the NZ Police moved in to force the anti-mandate protestors away from their three-week camping spot at the Parliamentary Grounds.

The big question was - why did the cops finally move in after 23 odd days of this protest? What was the spark, what was the trigger that got them into action?

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said they wanted to try and descalate the situation in a peaceful manner, and also because many of the "good protesters" had gone, they had to act yesterday.

But....we did some investigating, and we found out the real reason.

A great New Zealander that you definitely will know, 20 F**king Whacks Karen - well, it turns out she delivered a speech to all of the police yesterday morning, which sparked them into action.

We replayed some of her speech in the video above. And believe it or not, we played the heavily edited and censored version of it.

If you want the uncensored and extended version, watch below. And don't say we didn't warn you about the language.

God bless you Karen, never change.