Government announces public transport fare slash and fuel tax cuts

The government have announced moves to help the living cost crisis.
26 August 2022 7:13PM

Remember when petrol used to cost what it did in the picture up top? How good was that.

With fuel topping $3 a litre across the country and just days ago motorists being warned of a further increase in price, the Government have today announced a series of changes to hopefully ease some of the tensions that come with the cost of living at the moment.

The Government revealed that fuel excise duties and road user charges will drop by 25c a litre each from midnight tonight, for the next three months. Public transport fares will be halved from April 1. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters today.

"We expect continued volatility, and this affects everything."

Finance minister Grant Robertson explained the ability to make the change.

Local fuel excises can be amended, while we can't influence the global oil price.

"It means that we can take this action within hours," Robertson said.

"For most taxes, it ordinarily took months to affect any change."

So look forward to some relief in the coming hours, hopefully that little light popping up on the dashboard gets a little less scary!