LimeWire is officially making a return

LimeWire is officially making a return

But not the way you remember it...
26 August 2022 7:13PM

After over a decade of being shut down, LimeWire is finally making a return.

But not in the way you remember it...

LimeWire was a free peer-to-peer file sharing software that you most likely used back in the day to download music illegally. The software was shut down back in 2010, after a $105 million lawsuit for copyright infringement.

Now, two Austrian entrepreneurs who happen to be brothers, Paul and Julian Zehetmayr, have bought the rights to LimeWire.

But in a very 2022 twist, they're turning the platform into an NFT marketplace for music, content and artwork.

The two brothers are hoping that the nostalgia attatched to LimeWire, and the already massive audience who are familiar with it, will mean they will attract a bunch of users for the new cryptosphere platform.

As reported by Bloomberg, the new company, named LimeWire GmbH, will offer artists and musicians a chance to gain more money from their music than they would on regular streaming platforms. They'll be able to sell content such as exclusive songs, merch, artwork and backstage content as NFTs for fans to buy.

LimeWire GmbH is launching in May, with no affiliation to the original LimeWire team.