Holy sh*t, Natalie Portman is jacked in the new trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel fans have unexpectedly bought two tickets to the gun show.
19 April 2022 12:32PM

It's hard to tell what's causing the most hype about the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie.

Is it the taste of director Taika Waititi's classic humour?
The fact it's set to Guns N' Roses' 'Sweet Child O' Mine'?
Or is it Natalie Portman starring as Lady Thor with her MASSIVE muscles? 

Yeah, nah - it's definitely that last one. 

Thor might be famous for his mighty hammer Mjolnir, but Marvel fans unexpectedly bought two tickets to the gun show with this trailer, getting their first glimpse at a seriously jacked Portman playing Jane Foster in the full Thor get-up. 

Jane only appears in the last few seconds of the clip, but that's all that's needed for her to flex her biceps while wielding her weapon, leaving Chris Hemsworth's Thor looking confused as hell. 

Portman's arms are so impressive, some fans have claimed they must be CGI - but that myth has been seemingly busted by photos of the actress in real life, with her mad gains still intact. 

Meanwhile, Hemsworth's Thor, who tells us in the voice-over he's on a journey of self-discovery with his superhero days behind us, has been compared to everything from a grandpa to a hipster who is "finally ready to settle and become a suburban dad". 

Taika Waititi couldn't help but get a cheeky gag in when he shared the trailer on Twitter, writing: "Here is the full length finished movie. Eat and enjoy." 

The actual full-length movie will be in Kiwi cinemas on July 7.