Funny Shit
Funny Shit

Apparently having a small wang was the shit back in Ancient Greece

The Greeks were very very very smart

Anyone got a time machine?

According to these TikToks by @ruby.reign, the reason Ancient Greek statues commonly have huge bodies but tiny dicks is because, back then, small wangs were “considered a sign of virtue, civility, of self control, of discipline".

On the other hand, bigger packages were linked with “lustfulness, of gluttonous appetites, and barbarism” and were commonly depicted on to the ‘bad guys’, monsters and enemies of the stories at the time - basically anyone who the Greek considered “foolish, or barbaric, or depraved”.

Well, we all have that one mate who must have been born in the wrong era. 

In the TikTok, Ruby quotes an Ancient Greek playwright who said that “the ideal of male beauty was a gleaming chest, bright skin, broad shoulders, tiny tum, strong buttocks, and a tiny prick”.

Sounds like some of us could be one step closer to being a Greek god.