High fuel prices getting ya down? Here's how to find the cheapest petrol in NZ

As the price of petrol goes up, make sure you get the best deal.
11 May 2022 8:54AM

Look, there's no two ways around it - fuel is f**king expensive right now with $3 per litre becoming the norm, and it doesn't look like it's getting any cheaper any time soon.

Cool news, huh.

But....there's one NZ app that is helping Kiwis find the best deal at the pump, so you can make sure you aren't spending a cent more than you have to.

While it won't stop you from raging against the self-service petrol machine, Gaspy is an app that finds and shows you the cheapest fuel in your area, with real people verifying it. It also shows how far each station is from you. 

Gaspy - gas spy - get it? It took us a while to get there if I'm being honest.

You choose what gas you use on 'my gas', and the cheapest option appears on the top of the feed. You can search other locations' fuel prices by searching on 'Location Search'. 

"Save hundreds of dollars a year by joining our community of like-minded Kiwis and help us locate and share the best petrol & diesel prices in the country. Cheaper Gas Together!" 

Along with letting you know the cheapest price of the fuel in your area, you can filter, and select toilet and barista coffee to find the ones that have it. 

This app is free to download and is available on both Apple and Android phones.

You can download Gaspy in your Android or iPhone play store.