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Story of NZ trucker who inflated like a balloon after his butt was pierced by an air hose resurfaces

A truly classic NZ story
13 May 2022 4:01PM

There is never a bad time to talk about this ageless story that made international headlines - and if you haven't heard it yet, you're gonna want to. Trust us. 

This shocker of a yarn is doing the rounds again after being picked up by the site 'I Fucking Love Science', but frankly, we'll take any excuse to rehash it. 

It all started on the 21st of May, 2011,when Kiwi trucker Steven McCormack stopped at a petrol station in the iconic town of Opotiki where he fell in between his truck and trailer and landed arse first on top of an air hose. 

The air hose stabbed him in the butt cheek and sure enough, the poor sod slowly began filling up with air, which was being pumped into him at an alarming rate. 

"I felt the air rush into my body and I felt like it was going to explode from my foot," McCormack said at the time..

His mates were there to quickly turn off the air and roll Steven on his side to help him breathe, which doctors said was hugely important in saving his life. 

The fact that none of his mates even thought about snapping a photo before rushing to his aid really shows them out to be good blokes, eh. 

McCormack was sent to Whakatane hospital after the accident, where medical professionals  thought he was full of hot air. When they realised he actually was, they treated him for it. 

It turns out the force of the air coming from the hose was so much it had separated fat from muscle inside his body. Doctors were surprised that Steven was still alive. 

While in hospital, Steven said his skin felt like "pork roast" - hard and crackly on the outside, but soft underneath. Old mate did make a full recovery, and all the air eventually escaped his body through the miracle of farts and burps.