Aussie bloke gets into a scrap with a kangaroo and the rest of the world is losing it

Aussie bloke gets into a scrap with a kangaroo and the rest of the world is losing it

Could be the most Australian thing to happen ever.

An Aussie bloke was filmed rumbling with a kangaroo and the world is basking in the wild scenes that were caught on video.

Our mates across the Tasman are known around the world for their general ruthlessness and this video may just be the quintessential Australian experience - minus a slab of VBs and a pack of durries, of course.

You can see why it’s gone viral - we are all witnesses to a UFC-esque fight between man and marsupial.

Jabs and hooks are being thrown, the two fighters are stepping back and eyeing each other out, and the grappling game even comes into play as our Aussie fighter manages to take down his hopping adversary.

Australian morning news show ‘Today’ interviewed the bloke, Cliff Des from Victoria, and he said that despite the ferocity, he has no ill will towards the roo.

“He was in a nasty mood, I don’t know what was wrong with him," the father and grandfather said. "He was aggressive, he wanted to pull my dogs out through the fence and mongrel them too.

The video has made the rounds overseas, appearing in some of the biggest media outlets in the UK and USA, such as TMZ, the Sun, and Fox News - and of course, the internet is loving it. 

The video also seems to have given a lot of people respect for the courageous fighter, and Australia as a whole.

This isn't the first time a fight between an Ozzie and a kangaroo has gone viral. Back in 2016, a hunter had to save his dog from the grasp of a kangaroo. He did so by punching the bouncing animal right in the noggin seeming to stun the roo.