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'Cheap, reliable & a piece of shit': Kiwi lad makes the most crack-up videos to sell cars

Kiedis Haze isn't just any old car salesman.
21 June 2022 9:11AM

This has gotta be the most-kiwi-way of selling cars we've ever seen.

NZ bloke Kiedis Haze is a car salesman for Trust Motors NZ, but he isn't just any old car salesman. He makes relatable, honest and just down right crack-up vids to sell his cars.

Kiedis is a self-proclaimed 'Pro Car Talker, Un-Pro Car Driver and Speeding Ticket Magnet,' and his latest video has gone viral on TikTok, garnering 2.6 million views. 

He starts the vid by saying,

"So you've just turned 16 and finally got your learner's license? F*cken oath c*nt, the world becomes your oyster, the road becomes your b*tch."

"But first," he continues, "You need a car."

He goes on to explain why someone should buy a Mitsubishi Galant, giving reasons such as "they're cheap, they're reliable and they're a piece of sh*t," while showing clips of the car driving around, and a Galant in a ditch.

We'll just let you watch the video because it's bloody crack up, check it out below.

In another video, Haze is selling "a sophisticated bloke's wet dream", A.K.A. a Lexus RC-F. Check that out below.

Kiedis has a bunch of vids on his TikTok account, his Instagram, and Trust Motors NZ's Instagram, go check them out 'cause you probably won't regret it.