Dave Grohl reveals Taylor Hawkins tribute 'tattoo' at Glastonbury

Grohl made his first public performance since his good friend and bandmate passed.
27 June 2022 3:56PM

Dave Grohl has what seems to be a tattoo, or at least a drawing, of the letter ‘T’ on his right hand as a tribute to his late, great bandmate Taylor Hawkins.

Grohl made his first public performance since Hawkins’ death as a surprise guest during Paul McCartney’s set at Glastonbury.

McCartney introduced Grohl by saying:

“My friend. Your hero. From the West coast of America… Dave Grohl!”

During the performance, which also featured Bruce Springsteen - can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome this set sounded, three legends from three different eras of music, how good! - a ‘T’ can be seen on Grohl’s right hand.

We can’t tell if it is a tattoo or just a drawing. A closer look definitely makes it look like a drawing, but we wouldn’t put it past Grohl to get such a tattoo to honour his mate. 

Whether or not the ink is permanent, it had Foo Fighter fans fighting back tears. 

The Nirvana and Foo Fighters legend held up the 'T' to the crowd of nearly 200,000 at the end of a song.

Which led to one fan saying they will "never emotionally recover" from Grohl's tribute to Hawkins, and that "Taylor will always be his right-hand man". 

Grohl said that it was a bit of a nightmare trying to get to Glastonbury, with two of his flights to England being cancelled. However, he said wouldn’t dare miss the chance to perform with McCartney.

“I swear, I would never miss being right here with you, right now, for anything,” he said as the crowd erupted.

We get it must have been a tough time since his mate passed, so it’s bloody awesome to see Grohl out and about and doing what he loves.

Check out footage of the Glastonbury set below.