Drummer covers Slipknot with one hand, drinks soda with the other, kills it

" I’m 99% sure it can’t be done, but we’re going to find out."
23 June 2022 3:30PM

An insanely talented drummer on TikTok has nailed a cover of Slipknot’s 'Eyeless' using only one hand.

“Now that request right there, that’s crazy talk son. I’m 99% sure it can’t be done, but we’re going to find out. So let’s go,” he says immediately before doing it perfectly.

Jeeez man, leave some talent for the rest of us.

The drummer goes by El Estepario Siberiano on both his TikTok and YouTube and has done a shit ton of one-handed covers.

Commenters on the TikTok were in absolute awe of the geezer.

One called him “the most talented drummer on TikTok,” while another took it a step further, calling him “the world’s best drummer."

He’s certainly got a case.

One hater in the comments claimed that Siberiano was speeding up his videos.

The TikToker, who seems like a hell of a bloke, responded with a video where he says:

“Okay guys you are not going to believe this but apparently FAST looks FAST. What a crazy world to live in right?” He then, once again, nails a one-handed cover while holding up a stopwatch app on his iPad, legend. 

Before ending the video, he shares some words of wisdom with all the haters out there:

Did we just find one of the greatest blokes alive right now?