The Killers stop gig to help 67-year-old crowd surfer who was dropped by the crowd

The Killers stop gig to help 67-year-old crowd surfer who was dropped by the crowd

Old mate was having a ball of a time even after being dropped.

The Killers halted their gig over the weekend to make sure a 67-year-old fan of theirs was okay after he was dropped while crowd surfing.

The legend of a fan, Billy, can be seen getting amongst it in a Twitter video, jumping onto fellow crowd members’ backs and pointing one arm forward like the hero that he is.

Some time amidst the chaos, Billy was dropped by the crowd - poor fella. Eventually, he got to the very front of the mosh pit, and over the fence separating the band from the fans.

Medical staff are helping the geezer - who does have a bit of blood coming from his head - when Brendan Flowers, lead singer of the band, rushed off stage, pausing the gig, to check that Billy was alright.

Billy is absolutely loving the whole experience, judging by the massive smile on his face, which grows larger when Flowers approaches and hugs him. Billy then raises one finger to the crowd and waves as security and medical staff guide him away. Legendary stuff.

Flowers then jumps back on stage and shares what Billy told him.

“I said, ‘Billy what are you doing?’ and you know what he said? He said, ‘I’m enjoying meself’,” the ‘Mr. Brightside’ singer told the Manchester crowd.

Billy eventually returned to the audience and saw the gig through till the very end. Inspirational stuff from a bloke who’s been around the block a few times.

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