This bloke crushed Foo Fighter's 'Everlong' on a shopping mall piano

If you reckon this song's been covered too many times - you haven't heard this one.
9 June 2022 4:58PM

Foo Fighter's 1997 hit 'Everlong' has been covered many, many times - even by Rick Astely, FFS - but this latest rendition on a shopping mall piano is something else. 

Pianist Glaucio Cristelo, who goes by Piano Rock on social media, performs all kinds of iconic rock songs in locations all over Brazil, but one of his favourite spots seems to be a shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro. 

Men, women and children all stop in their tracks to hear Glaucio smash the shit out of the keys, and it's pretty impressive to behold. 

The clip has been viewed over half a million times on YouTube, but considering the kind of crap that goes viral, we reckon this deserves much more. 

As one YouTube commenter noticed:

"I went into this thinking I wouldn't like it but that was incredibly fucking talented and I'd be lying if I said it didn't give me goosebumps," another said. 

"I'd be jumping up and down and headbanging the whole time. Dude killed it," a third person wrote. 

Somebody get Dave on the phone, we need to hear his vocals alongside this guy.