WATCH: Aussie bloke fights off crocodile with a frying pan

Ah, 'Straya.
23 June 2022 8:05AM

Ah, 'Straya.

An elderly Aussie bloke fought off a huge saltwater crocodile with nothing but a frying pan recently, and the epic moment was all captured on video. 

The video, which is doing the rounds on the internet, shows the big croc chilling on the lawn of a lodge/ pub on the banks of the Adelaide river in Darwin.

Lodge owner Kai Hansen makes his way down the stairs holding a frying pan, and when he gets down on the lawn, the croc charges at him. Kai then gives the croc a couple of bangs to the nose and the croc scurries off. 

Watch the moment below.

According to 9 News, the croc that was smacked is named Fred and resides on the lodge.  A lot of tourists visit Goat Island Lodge for this very reason - to get up close and personal with the reptiles.

But Fred isn't the only croc that Kai owns. He shares his land with his female croc Casey. However, Fred's size has become a problem and is causing Casey to stay away from her favourite area, so Kai wants him moved.

"As soon as that happens, Casey will stop coming up there and [will] come up in her favourite spot, and all of the problem's solved," Kai said.

The internet reckons the video is the most Australian thing they've ever seen, with one person commenting:

“Nothing says Australia like an elderly publican hitting a crocodile over the head with a frying pan."

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!