Aussie woman gives dad on his deathbed a rum and coke as his final drink

An awesome moment and true Aussie send off
5 July 2022 1:57PM

An Aussie daughter gave her dying dad a rum and coke while on his death bed in a truly heartwarming, truly Aussie moment.

Posting to her Tiktok account @penface, Penelope Ann shared the legendary moment with the internet, with the TikTok having gotten over 2 million views and over 180,000 likes since it was posted four days ago.

“I came prepared for the send-off,” she says as she sticks a syringe down a can of Bundaberg and sucks up her dad’s final drink. “Give him a little taste here.”

She then leans over her dad, and with the help of her mum, injects the sweet nectar into his mouth. 

“Taste good?” she asked her father. He responds with a subtle nod which led to a mini celebration and a bunch of ‘hell yeahs’ from mother and daughter alike. 

Hell yeah indeed.

The magnificent send-off was respected immensely from other TikTokers. 

One commenter preached: “Everyone deserves family like this around them at the end. I'm so sorry for your loss.”

Another said: “some of that sweet nectar for the old fella fly 🥰”

Plenty of hospital workers have said it’s kind of a common occurrence. 

One palliative care nurse called it “brilliant”, while a hospice worker said they’ve done it a few times themselves, saying 

It turns out the cheeky drink was one of her last moments with her father, so it’s bloody brilliant he got to share one last moment of joy before leaving us.