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Blokes with "very large penises" are wanted for a new doco, 'Too Large For Love'

A casting call has been released for the upcoming documentary.
26 August 2022 7:15PM

If you've got a big piece, this could be your time to shine.

A casting call has been released for an upcoming documentary, looking for blokes with "very large penises."

The ad was recently put out on the casting call website Lost In TV, and is looking for participants over the age of 18 for the upcoming doco Too Large For Love.

According to the ad, a recent survey found that "nearly half of the male population wish they had a bigger penis.

"So, a bigger penis, a better life, right? Well, not always."

The ad goes on to explain that the documentary will explore the "hidden problems" of having a large piece, and how it effects all aspects of life including sex.

"We'd like to speak to people about their positive and negative experiences of having a large penis, or being with someone who has one.

"All ethnicities and sexualities welcome. Must be aged 18+"

The ad ends with an email address to get in touch with if this show sounds like a bit of you.