BMW is selling heated seat subscriptions and getting absolutely roasted for it

You can also pay a monthly fee to unlock a heated steering wheel.
13 July 2022 4:01PM

 BMW has pissed off a bunch of car owners by asking them to pay a monthly fee if they want to keep their bums warm. 

The annoying thing is that the technology is already built into the car so you’d really be paying only for the glory of actually turning it on. The price comes out to around NZ$30 a month, just to save your arse from the cold. 

We don’t know exactly why or when BMW started with this shit, but we do know that it’s part of a whole bunch of microtransactions you can purchase for their cars.

They’re also offering other monthly fees such as a heated steering wheel - why would even want that? - recorded footage from your car’s camera, and a $265 one-time fee to connect your iPhone to the car speakers. 

Just crook man. 

As expected, people on the internet are not happy. 

One Twitter user said the fees “should be criminal”, and another said they’d rather light the money on fire. 

Some people are wondering how we got to this point and how far it will go. 

Take your bets on what they'll start charging for next.

It does seem like a slippery slope BMW is leading us down, one that will leave us with either a cold bum or an empty wallet.