Bunnings NZ reveals if our sausage sizzles will get a price hike like Aussie's have

The sacred snags are a beloved delicacy, are they about to cost a bit more moolah?
14 July 2022 3:06PM

Grabbing a Bunnings snag after collecting the goods for a big DIY Sunday is somewhat of a tradition down under.

Australian sausages at Bunnings saw a dollar increase in price yesterday - sucks for them. But are we about to be met with the same fate?

Thanks to Concrete Playground's investigative journalism, we know that the answer is ‘no’.

Our snags will still be $2.50 - thank the lord - but fizzy drinks sold at the BBQ spot will increase in price by 50 cents from $1.50 - $2.00. 

Ben Camrie, director of Bunnings NZ, told Concrete Playground that the price increase is to ensure the groups that benefit from snag sales can “maximise their fundraising efforts”.

“Over the last five years, the community sausage sizzle has helped New Zealand community groups raise more than $4.8 million to support the important work they do in our communities.”

Good shit Bunnings. 

Every single dollar made by the sale of snags goes towards one of these community groups, so if you need an excuse to buy one - why would you? - there it is. 

Their website states they help a wide range of groups, “from grassroots causes to local sporting clubs, schools and hospitals, we provide a wide range of support to a cross-section of local community groups.”

It’s good to know the Kiwi delicacy still won’t be a burden on the wallet, and it’s always good to know that your hard-earned money is going to a good cause.