Chris Shiflett of the ‘Foo Fighters’ releases new solo single ‘Long, Long Year’

Chris Shiflett of the ‘Foo Fighters’ releases new solo single ‘Long, Long Year’

A country-twanged love song inspired from spending time in lockdown.

Chris Shiflett, lead guitarist for the legendary rock band ‘Foo Fighters’, has released a brand new song titled ‘Long, Long Year’.

Talking to NME, Shiflett said the inspiration for the song came from the turbulent times we are currently going through. 

“I spent a lot of time alone at my studio in LA during the first part of the lockdown just woodshedding tunes,” he explained.

“The line ‘It’s been a long, long year’ was rattling around my head for obvious reasons, but I framed it as a love song.”

Have a listen below.

Grammy-winning producer Vance Powell worked on the track. Powell has worked with some legends of the game, including Jack White, Chris Stapleton, and Phish, among others.

Jack Lawrence from ‘The Raconteurs’ played the bass for the track, while Julian Doro (‘Eagles of Death Metal’) was the stickman. 

Shiflett said coming out of lockdown to work with talented musicians he hadn’t met before made him a little tense, but once they started jamming all was good. 

“I hadn’t done much travelling post-COVID lockdown so I was a little nervous heading out there to work with a producer and room full of musicians I didn’t really know,” the 51-year-old said. 

“In true Nashville [where the sessions took place] style we made our introductions and right down to work, hammering out the basic tracks in a few hours.”

“Vance was great and made me feel right at home, and the group of players he put together were on point.”

‘Long, Long, Year’ is the first new music from a member of the ‘Foo Fighters’ since the untimely death of their beloved drummer Taylor Hawkins. 

The band is set to play two tribute concerts for the legendary Hawkins later this year - September 3 in London and September 27th in LA. The lineup for these concerts are loaded and we cannot wait till they come around and we can witness some rock and roll legends on display.