'It's a pain': New Zealand running low on RTDs and chicken nuggets

'It's a pain': New Zealand running low on RTDs and chicken nuggets

Supply chains are f*cked and it's hitting hard

Your Saturday nights and dusty Sunday feeds are set to take a hit as New Zealand is facing a bourbon and chicken nugget shortage. 

Multiple factors, including Covid, have messed up supply chains which means the average bloke who just wants to enjoy some drinks with their mates has been affected. 

A Mt Eden Bottle-O worker, Neil, told The Guardian, “It’s a pain all right. There’s a shortage of bourbon at the moment. We can't get anything from out of America apparently.”

A pain indeed Neil.

Bourbon and Cola RTDs are a staple for Kiwis enjoying a night out - Billy Mavs, Codys, and Diesels are some of the most popular drinks in NZ and have been for a while, and Neil is fully aware of this. 

You're God damn right Neil.

Robert Brewer, a chief executive at Spirits New Zealand called the issue “an unfortunate perfect storm.”

Another aspect of that ‘perfect storm’ is the CO2 shortage in the country going on at the moment. 

Our only CO2 producer is currently doing a bit of admin so have had to slow down their supply. 

C02 adds fizz to RTDs and soft drinks and also helps preserve chicken nuggets, which have been lacking in supermarkets lately. 

Michael Brooks from the Poultry Industry Association told the NZ Herald that companies that need the gas are only receiving about half of the CO2 they need. 

“There are industry-wide CO2 shortages and companies need CO2 to make chicken nuggets. They are currently receiving 50 per cent of requirements.”

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, chicken nuggets fucking slap so this is some heartbreaking, world-shattering news. 

Looks like we’re going to have to change up the cans we crack open at pres AND the order that kills the dust the next day. 

Stay strong team.